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Wood furniture adapts to a range of decorative styles, from rustic farmhouse to contemporary neutrals. Some pieces showcase its natural character, while others take advantage of its superior durability. Several different kinds of wood are used to build furniture, each with differing benefits.


Thanks to fast-growing trees and its light weight, pine is a less expensive option. White or light yellow in color, it takes stains and paint well, making it a great option for kids' furniture or low-cost alternatives to darker colored woods. The knottiness adds a...


Whether choosing a new sofa, end table or an entire bedroom set, shopping for furniture is exciting. New furniture transforms the look of a room, and the perfect accent piece can complete the style you're going for. However, most of us have a budget to consider when searching for our dream furniture. Financing is an available option, you just need to know the best practices of doing so.

Advice for Financing Furniture

When considering the option to finance furniture, the overall price...


The dry heat in Arizona presents a challenge to keeping wood furniture in good condition. Proper care of your wood furniture will help it last longer and keep it looking great.

Preserving Moisture Level

Wood in its natural state contains moisture. The key is maintaining that moisture. Too much can damage the wood, and not enough can cause it to warp, split or splinter.

  • Keep wood furniture out of direct sunlight.
  • Use felt or cork-bottomed coasters, placemats and potholders underneath dishes to prevent damage from condensation and/or...

If you are thinking of buying upholstered furniture, you'll want pieces with a quality, long-lasting frame. You might want to choose a timeless color or pattern, or you might fall in love with a unique fabric. When the time comes to redecorate, you might not be ready to replace your furniture.

We can help with the replacement, but adventurous types might try reupholstering. Reupholstering cushions is a reasonably simple task, provided you look at it like a puzzle as well as a creative project.


To start, unzip the cushions you have and turn the...


Wood furniture is timeless. While the styles may change from decade to decade, the essence of wood furniture will always remain the same. When you choose to decorate your home with wood furniture, you may wonder how to complement your choice with the right colors. To help you get a better idea of this process, we've outlined some combinations for you.

When in Doubt, Go Neutral

If you're not looking for bold colors to match your wood furniture, you can always...


When it comes time to furnish a room, size matters. You'll need to know the square footage, as well as the ceiling height, window heights, and if there are any focal points, such as a fireplace. You should also determine what the room will be used for and where the traffic will flow. Consider all these factors so your finished room ends up visually appealing and functional. With good planning, even small spaces achieve comfort and style.

Sketch it Out



Looking to redecorate this year? Take a look at these style trends and be sure to check out Salt Creek's online and in-store collection. Here are some of 2017's top style trends:

Vintage Styles of Furniture

Chairs with old-fashioned turned legs and tabletops that are planked are popping up in a growing number of homes. Most of today's stylish vintage furniture has an eased or distressed finish.

Any piece of wood furniture with a dark finish automatically adds elegance to your home. This furniture also pairs well with distressed pieces and helps you...


Tight on space but big on design ideas? Not to worry, you may be surprised as to just how many incredibly functional pieces of furniture are available with both design aesthetic and space-saving potential. Here are a few of the best space-saving furniture solutions around.

Combine Furniture and Storage

You need furniture, but you also need storage space. If you're looking for a hallway bench, consider one with storage under the bench seat. Look for bed frames with pull-out drawers or ottomans with a removable lid. No matter the kind of furniture you're looking...


Furniture financing allows you to enjoy your purchase while you’re paying for it. Financing furniture may also allow you to afford higher quality, longer-lasting furniture than you might get if you had to pay cash up front.

Why Charging Your New Furniture Makes Sense

Charging items like food doesn't make sense, because you're often stuck paying interest long after you've forgotten how good that meal tasted. Sure, you deserve a treat now and then, but charging meals on a regular basis is a...


As modern American families, we spend a lot of time the most central piece of furniture in the home: the couch. But has it always been this way? Certainly Adam and Eve didn't have a couch, and you can forget about cavemen hauling sofas into their shelters. So where does it come from?