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Wood furniture adapts to a range of decorative styles, from rustic farmhouse to contemporary neutrals. Some pieces showcase its natural character, while others take advantage of its superior durability. Several different kinds of wood are used to build furniture, each with differing benefits.


Thanks to fast-growing trees and its light weight, pine is a less expensive option. White or light yellow in color, it takes stains and paint well, making it a great option for kids' furniture or low-cost alternatives to darker colored woods. The knottiness adds a...


Whether choosing a new sofa, end table or an entire bedroom set, shopping for furniture is exciting. New furniture transforms the look of a room, and the perfect accent piece can complete the style you're going for. However, most of us have a budget to consider when searching for our dream furniture. Financing is an available option, you just need to know the best practices of doing so.

Advice for Financing Furniture

When considering the option to finance furniture, the overall price...


The dry heat in Arizona presents a challenge to keeping wood furniture in good condition. Proper care of your wood furniture will help it last longer and keep it looking great.

Preserving Moisture Level

Wood in its natural state contains moisture. The key is maintaining that moisture. Too much can damage the wood, and not enough can cause it to warp, split or splinter.

  • Keep wood furniture out of direct sunlight.
  • Use felt or cork-bottomed coasters, placemats and potholders underneath dishes to prevent damage from condensation and/or...

If you are thinking of buying upholstered furniture, you'll want pieces with a quality, long-lasting frame. You might want to choose a timeless color or pattern, or you might fall in love with a unique fabric. When the time comes to redecorate, you might not be ready to replace your furniture.

We can help with the replacement, but adventurous types might try reupholstering. Reupholstering cushions is a reasonably simple task, provided you look at it like a puzzle as well as a creative project.


To start, unzip the cushions you have and turn the...


Wood furniture is timeless. While the styles may change from decade to decade, the essence of wood furniture will always remain the same. When you choose to decorate your home with wood furniture, you may wonder how to complement your choice with the right colors. To help you get a better idea of this process, we've outlined some combinations for you.

When in Doubt, Go Neutral

If you're not looking for bold colors to match your wood furniture, you can always...


When it comes time to furnish a room, size matters. You'll need to know the square footage, as well as the ceiling height, window heights, and if there are any focal points, such as a fireplace. You should also determine what the room will be used for and where the traffic will flow. Consider all these factors so your finished room ends up visually appealing and functional. With good planning, even small spaces achieve comfort and style.

Sketch it Out



Looking to redecorate this year? Take a look at these style trends and be sure to check out Salt Creek's online and in-store collection. Here are some of 2017's top style trends:

Vintage Styles of Furniture

Chairs with old-fashioned turned legs and tabletops that are planked are popping up in a growing number of homes. Most of today's stylish vintage furniture has an eased or distressed finish.

Any piece of wood furniture with a dark finish automatically adds elegance to your home. This furniture also pairs well with distressed pieces and helps you...


Tight on space but big on design ideas? Not to worry, you may be surprised as to just how many incredibly functional pieces of furniture are available with both design aesthetic and space-saving potential. Here are a few of the best space-saving furniture solutions around.

Combine Furniture and Storage

You need furniture, but you also need storage space. If you're looking for a hallway bench, consider one with storage under the bench seat. Look for bed frames with pull-out drawers or ottomans with a removable lid. No matter the kind of furniture you're looking...


Furniture financing allows you to enjoy your purchase while you’re paying for it. Financing furniture may also allow you to afford higher quality, longer-lasting furniture than you might get if you had to pay cash up front.

Why Charging Your New Furniture Makes Sense

Charging items like food doesn't make sense, because you're often stuck paying interest long after you've forgotten how good that meal tasted. Sure, you deserve a treat now and then, but charging meals on a regular basis is a...


As modern American families, we spend a lot of time the most central piece of furniture in the home: the couch. But has it always been this way? Certainly Adam and Eve didn't have a couch, and you can forget about cavemen hauling sofas into their shelters. So where does it come from?


One of the biggest questions you need to answer when hunting for furniture is whether you should go with leather or upholstery. Naked wood works in many cases, but when it comes to comfortable seating, there's nothing like stuffed cushions.


Have you ever noticed furniture stores seem to close up more frequently now than ever before? Many of the big box locations throughout the United States have started to go out of business. Furniture stores, like any other retail business, need to change with the times. Those that don't will likely end up with "going out of business" banners..


Have you been eyeing your current kitchen table? Does the look throw off the current vibe of the room? Do you have slips of paper under one of the legs to even it out? Perhaps you're still eating at the plastic foldout table you've had since college. Whatever state your kitchen table is in, it may be time to invest in a new one.


Decorating your guest room with practical, comfortable furniture saves you from scrambling to make the place comfortable before your guests arrive. Here is a checklist to cover the bases:


When it comes time to choose the right furniture for your Scottsdale, Glendale, or Tempe home, the best combination to look for is long-lasting quality and affordability.


The bed is a place of peace, safety and rest, but only if you possess the right bed type that doesn't cramp your frame or leave you tossing and turning all night. Here's what you need to look for in a quality bed frame:


Buying new furniture is typically a bigger challenge than it should be. Why? Because finding high quality furniture that's also affordable is rare. However, this is exactly why Salt Creek Furniture


The heat in Arizona can be rather extreme. While the "winters" are great and springs lovely, summertime heat can quickly send anyone to the comfort of AC. If you are storing furniture outside in the heat you do need to take precautions.


Appealing interior designs hugely depend on furniture selection. Such designs represent high levels of balance and matching furniture styles. It takes time to achieve perfect matches regarding furnishings across all the rooms in the house. Shops with wide ranges of furniture pieces have websites on which you should hunt for ideas for matching furnishings. Afterwards you can visit the actual stores and make purchases based on factors like:

  • Looks
  • Rooms
  • Color

1. Furniture Styles by Looks

People have different preferences regarding furniture...


A great dining room is an undeniable statement to the overall grandiose of any house. This is so since most homeowners focus their interior décor on the living room, the kitchen and perhaps the bedrooms. Anyone who ventures into dining room decoration and does it right deserves a standing ovation. Here are some of the most iconic do’s and don’ts that will help you be among the elect few.

Do Sit Everyone Comfortably

Dining room décor is all about comfort. You want a couple of sits for your family members and extra space for guests. Your decoration efforts will fall in...


If you have limited space in your home, there is no option other than being creative with your furnishings. Every furniture piece in a small room counts, and should be used wisely. Creative ways of wisely using your space involves identifying the perfect arrangement, color, and proper lighting. Opening up your space in a small apartment mainly depends on how fully you can utilize your furnishings for multiple purposes.

Take advantage of room dividers. Such dividers are available in a wide range of tints for partitioning living areas from the kitchen. Lightweight dividers will...


It doesn’t matter whether you have a home office or are renting some office space in town. Chances are your workspace will be smaller than you’d like it to be. Here are a couple of organization tricks that will help you make the best off your small home office space.

Go bold

A small space will compel you to keep the design timid. A small space doesn’t necessarily mean that everything should be small. A curved desk that fits into the nooks and crannies will not only maximize on the available space but also create a spacious visual impression.

A good choice of color,...


Pulling off a modern and stylish look in your home can be hard. Instead of focusing mainly on matching furniture pieces, some mixing will do the trick. You only need a few tricks and ideas to start mix-matching for a modern arrangement. However, be sure not to do too much mixing. A good look will always have a common ground for all the furniture pieces you choose. Here are some ideas to guide you through.

1. Lighting options

Lighting is an important part in achieving a modern look. Choose one room and try different lighting styles. For instance, having a candle...


Creating a sleek, contemporary bedroom is easier than you may think because the design alternatives are endless. Creating a fresh contemporary bedroom simply requires you to choose a theme and work from there. Do you like wood? Wood decors are warm and inviting and inspire a cottage-like atmosphere. Black and white arrangements are fun and very modern in style and feel.

A common theme in contemporary bedrooms includes king-sized beds with various paintings on the wall and intriguing night tables, flower arrangements, and colorful wallpapers on one wall.

Class, luxury,...


Small rooms are a challenge. Everything counts in a small room, and in an attempt to cram too much into a small room, it can end up feeling confined and uncomfortable. However, the right use of color together with smart furniture arranging and lighting can make a small room feel more spacious.

Below are some home decorating tips to inspire a beautiful small room design.

1. Use Light Colors and Good Contrasts

Light bright walls create an open, airy feeling space because they are more reflective and maximize the effect created by natural light....


Every day we make lifestyle choices. We express these choices in a myriad of ways from where we work, what we drive, how we spend our time and resources on a daily basis, to how we allocate our income. We also express ourselves and define ourselves in many different ways including how we furnish the home we live in. Among other things, a healthy lifestyle is one that promotes health and reduces the risk of disease. We do this with good nutrition, daily exercise and adequate sleep as a foundation for continued good health.

A bedroom that reflects your lifestyle, whether it...


Home theaters are a unique combination of high tech gear and furniture to make the home theater experience comfortable. No home theater is complete without the living room-like furniture to make the viewing experience spectacular. Nothing says it like traditional movie seating.

Depending on the size of the room to be used and the specific theater interior concept desired, we can help you to create your own theme. A theme that is perfect for your individual room size and setting as well as your overall lifestyle.

Basic information like the room dimensions, screen size...


Selecting classic, timeless home furniture requires choosing furniture that flows together within a room. For instance, choosing classic living room furniture requires carefully considering both form and function. When you do this, you’ll have a room you’ll love for years to come.

We suggest that when shopping for home furniture you consider the following:

1.Fluid lines. Movement is timeless, and a classic wing chair, curved sofa or an end table with cascading legs will add fluid energy...


Summer is here! It’s time to update your furniture and enjoy the new season because a new season means new designs. Come in and feast your eyes on our summer collection of quality furniture and affordable home furnishings.

Scottsdale is a beautiful place to live, and our affordable home furnishings help to make your home a truly beautiful setting to enjoy the seasons. Get started today, come in, and look at what we have to offer. Let us help you transform your space into a new one with our quality furniture. It’s time to make that patio fresh and fabulous and reflective of...


There are different ideas for how to arrange living room furniture, based on what your goal is – do you want to make entertaining easy, focus on relaxation, or create a cozy space centered on conversation? How to arrange living room furniture varies between people and rooms, but there are a few rules to follow that make furniture arrangement a snap.

No matter what your goal is, make sure there is enough space for everyone to move around freely. You should be sure to leave about three feet of room on all sides around the room, so...