5 Simple Home Decorating Tips

Not every design upgrade has to be an extreme home-makeover. Here are simple decorating touches you can add to your humble abode today.

Colorful Tablecloths

A brilliant way to brighten up a room is with a unique tablecloth. We recommend staying away from whites as they get dirty quickly. Stick to affordable tablecloths, that way you can buy several and have the option of changing colors occasionally. Don’t be afraid of bright, deep tones. The point is to add a splash of color to your kitchen or dining room.

Patterned Window Shades

Window shades are one of the easiest ways to change the atmosphere of a room. Soft, delicate shades make the room glow and feel lighter. Quirky patterns add personality to a drab space. Make sure you invest time in adding shades to windows that actually get light. Shades are meant to utilize sunlight’s beauty, not always block it.

Sections of Wallpaper

Many shy away from wallpaper because it seems like a lot of work. Using wallpaper for small sections, though, effortlessly makes your room look fun. For example, if you have a one-sink bathroom, apply colorful and/or patterned wallpaper just on the wall outside your mirror. This tip also works with the vanity in your bedroom or the table in your hallway.

Mixed Themes

Our eyes are naturally drawn to what stands out, and that’s something you should use to your advantage. If you own a wooden dining table, consider throwing in metal chairs at the head and foot. A glass coffee-table in a mostly cushiony living room adds texture. Uncommon furniture pieces, like wooden barrels, are delightful touches to porcelain bathrooms.


Figure out your aesthetic. Are you a minimalist? Do you like bohemian chic? Does a room filled with woods and whites make you melt? Once you discover your design taste, accessorize to reflect your arrangement. Funky bookcases, eccentric rugs, contemporary twine lampshades, etc. Accessories aren’t meant to be add-ones, but extensions of the design you’ve already created.

It’s during decorating that we often discover our need for new furniture. Salt Creek Home Furniture wants to fill your home with unique, classic, and quality furniture that meets every design need. Find your perfect piece in our catalog and contact us today.