Affordable Furnishings for Every Room

Statement pieces bring character to your home. They’re your own personal expressions of taste, bringing focus to each room through their unique aesthetic. This season’s statement pieces are bold and embellished.

Living Room

Why follow fashion when you can acquire a custom-designed Serafina cabinet? A one-of-a-kind entertainment hub will appeal to your aesthetic whims and drive the style of the rest of the room. Traditionalists might insist that you use a chandelier or investment painting as a statement piece here, but that’s because they’ve never seen what stylists can achieve with their artisanal wood furnishings.

Dining Room

A Taos sideboard multitasks as a display space for your finest china and candles. Think of it as the décor equivalent of a picture frame. There’s no room for boredom when you can recreate your sideboard palette in a matter of mere hours.


Your bed is the perfect statement piece. It’s the largest item in the room and can be dressed up in the season’s trendiest colors. 2018 is seeing a resurgence of dark wood, so an Alder Creek Sleigh Bed is perfect for bringing a trendy, yet classic, focal point to your bedroom.


This year’s kitchens are as warm and cozy as your dining room and lounge. They’ve become the heart of the home, so break up those sparkling surfaces with a dash of wood. The Hayden Server uses fashionable carpentry techniques to bring your kitchen into 2018 in true style.


The country lifestyle aesthetic is easy to achieve if you have a trendy apron sink and a Cambridge dresser. Birchwood’s golden undertones and unique dovetail joints will bring a charming rustic style to your most peaceful room.

The perfect statement piece brings trendiness and timelessness to your home—a challenge that Salt Creek Home Furniture achieves with a flourish.