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Classic and Timeless Furniture

Design in the 21st century is commonly associated with the new and innovative. It’s not unusual to see recliners with ground-lighting and LED cupholders. Therefore, a lot of vintage furniture buyers falsely believe they can only fulfill their classic aesthetic by

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Affordable Furnishings for Every Room

Statement pieces bring character to your home. They’re your own personal expressions of taste, bringing focus to each room through their unique aesthetic. This season’s statement pieces are bold and embellished. Living Room Why follow fashion when you can acquire a

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How to Choose the Perfect Living Room Furniture Set

2018 will be a year for rich pigments, dark wooden tones, and a generous dose of earthen inspiration. Your living room décor nonetheless needs a timeless foundation built with your permanent fixtures—those investment pieces will need to outlast trendy color charts

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The 2018 decoration style is saturated and yet uncluttered. If there was one word to describe the coming season, it would be “understated.” Subtlety only works if you achieve your look flawlessly, but the rewards will be well worth your efforts.

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Benefits of Alder Wood Furniture

Alder wood has a slightly red undertone, but it only lets you see it at its most exquisite as it ages. It has a smooth grain that’s enhanced by its years of darkening, but it has more to offer than mere

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The Ultimate Furniture Cleaning Guide

Your furniture deserves careful maintenance because dust and dirt don’t just create stains. They break down natural fibers, too. Sunlight is even more corrosive. Your cleaning routine is more than superficial. It keeps your interior surfaces looking brand new. Wood Remind

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Quality Wood Furniture: Inexpensive but Not Cheap

You don’t have to sell your car to fund your next wooden furniture purchase. You can track down attractive price tags with no regrets, as long as you know how to assess furniture quality. From Birch to Bedroom Wood source is

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Make Memories Around A Perfect Holiday Table

The winter holidays are the perfect time to update your dining room and kitchen. Thanksgiving should be celebrated elegantly, and your holiday feast deserves to be laid out on a sturdy table that will last for years. Your dining table is

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Custom Entertainment Centers for Game Days and Gaming

Are you more excited for game day or gaming? Whether you’re watching Sunday Night Football or vegging out on a Saturday morning with the Xbox, a custom entertainment center is the way to go. Entertainment Center for Video Games Gaming is

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What is Transitional Furniture?

Every season, it seems like the décor industry breaks into a flurry of newness that signals not only new looks and palettes, but also the pending shrinkage of your bank account. Decorating for seasonal trends is like throwing your money into

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