Classic and Timeless Furniture

Design in the 21st century is commonly associated with the new and innovative. It’s not unusual to see recliners with ground-lighting and LED cupholders. Therefore, a lot of vintage furniture buyers falsely believe they can only fulfill their classic aesthetic by shopping at antique stores. Furniture pieces with a timeless flare are everywhere if you look hard enough.

Sleigh Beds

Sleigh beds have been around since the 1800’s French and American empire period. Its influence derives from the Greeks and Romans. These beds are known for their scroll-like ends, giving it the appearance of a sleigh. Here’s an example of a Napa Sleigh Bed.

Napa Sleigh Bed

Dressers, and Nightstands, and Chests, Oh My!

What do these furniture pieces have in common? Their timeless appearances are influenced by one simple feature— ring pulls.


Ring pulls on dressers can take you back centuries ago when they first arrived at the scene. Here’s an example of a Napa Dresser. Fun fact: they were first called lowboys.

Napa Dresser


Much like the example before, cherry wood and finish add a classic look to night stands. Check out this Napa Round Nightstand and Napa Liv360 Nightstand, both adorned with ring pulls.

 Napa Round NightstandNapa Liv360 Nightstand


Oak wood is another great choice for a timeless aesthetic, especially with a chestnut finish. This Centennial Tall Chest comes with ring pulls on five drawers.

Centennial Tall Chest

Technology Meets Vintage

How can your entertainment chest and television console have a classic look? Easily. It’s all in the wood.

Spruce Wood

Spruce wood isn’t just for building. With a brown finish, it’ll take you right back to your 70’s Pong days in mom’s basement, just like this Rock Sliding Door Media Chest.

Rock Sliding Door Media Chest

Alder Wood

Alder wood with a grey, fruitwood, or tobacco finish gives off 19th century industrial revolution vibes. Check out this Urban Farmhouse Console.

Urban Farmhouse Console

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