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Providing you with High Quality Furnishings

You are judged by the company you keep! Our own business strategy since 1991 is to focus tightly on the market segment that demands a broad selection of high quality furniture at the best possible price. To meet this demand, Salt Creek as a company adheres to a rigid quality control philosophy; working only with manufacturers who employ leading edge technology and processes in their manufacturing facilities and who offer industry leading quality, warranties and price competitiveness. High quality furniture is not synonymous with high price furniture, as many other stores would have you believe. The partnerships we have formed

over the years, at all levels, are only with those companies who can meet our strict criteria… so we can exceed yours. When you purchase furnishings from Salt Creek Home Furniture in Scottsdale or Tempe, you will be receiving not only high quality furniture, but also high quality for the best price possible. Our business success since 1991 is built in quality of our products, the highest level of customer service and an unwavering demand on our supply chain to “step up to the plate” every time. We all win this way!