Back to School Home Office Ideas

If you think your home office has to mean business, you’ve missed this year’s décor revolution. Today’s work embellishments can be as personalized as you choose. There are looks for every taste, from ultra-femme to industrial. A stylish and well-organized home office space will (hopefully!) inspire your school-going family members to put more effort into their studies.

A Desk for Every Student

Pay attention to workflow - does your resident student like to spread out, or do most of their homework on a laptop with headphones on? This will help you choose furniture with the right dimensions. Also, a college student might need shelves for textbooks, whereas a K-12 student might need organized drawers for arts and crafts supplies.

The Return of Cottonwood

Cottonwood is hard and light enough to adapt to even the lightest of palettes. If you’re looking to recreate an Alexandra von Furstenberg aesthetic in sunshine hues and acrylics, this is the wood to choose. Complete the room with a conference table design, which is perfect for home schoolers and tutors.

The Timeless Approach

Every décor season suits Ernest Hemingway fans, and you needn’t use a round desk to achieve the look. A deeply stained alder or oak desk with a leather-upholstered chair and minimalist bookshelves will create the scenery that produced For Whom the Bell Tolls in all its timeless splendor.

Casual Work Environments for Creatives

A standard office rarely serves creative thinkers. Hollywood producer, Brian Grazer’s version is more living room than office. A low cocktail table serves as a desk, and plush sofas replace stiff chairs. This creates a comfortable space for exchanging ideas without straightjacketing its users in a white-collar environment. Add a writing desk in the corner, and you’ll soon be producing your most inspired ideas.

Industrial Modernism

A cutting edge home needs an edgier office, and there are few aesthetics as suitable as a vintage industrial style. Invite well-corroded metal and distressed wood into your workspace, break out your ceiling, and string up some LEDs. Flowers are optional, but preferred for irony.

Your office must support the way you work, live, and think. Match your work space to your personal style and watch your productivity soar.