Benefits of Oak Furniture

We previously discussed the benefits of alder wood furniture. For comparison, here are some great benefits of choosing oak furniture.

Durable Hardwood Produced in the U.S.

Oak is the most common wood growing in the United States. Because of this, much of it is grown, harvested, cut, and manufactured right here in the U.S. Like white pine, it grows quickly and abundantly, but white pine is a soft wood whereas oak is hard. Oak veneer gives furniture a stylish and durable outer shell, whereas solid oak furniture boasts superior durability and typically lasts for decades.

If You Love Wood Grain, You’ll Love Oak

White oak has a long, striking grain. It takes colored stains well, and it can also be treated with a clear stain to display its natural beauty. Oak furniture complements a farmhouse style or an elegant country style.

Durable Furniture for Active Families

When you buy furniture for your home, you want to be sure it will last for years (maybe even generations). In fact, oak naturally repels water. That’s why ships were built out of it, back in the days of wooden ships. With today’s protective wood stains and manufacturing standards, oak is more durable than ever.