Best Colors to Complement Wood Furniture

Wood furniture is timeless. While the styles may change from decade to decade, the essence of wood furniture will always remain the same. When you choose to decorate your home with wood furniture, you may wonder how to complement your choice with the right colors. To help you get a better idea of this process, we've outlined some combinations for you.

When in Doubt, Go Neutral

If you're not looking for bold colors to match your wood furniture, you can always go neutral. For example, if your wood furniture is a honey or amber color, then you can choose a creamy white paint, eggshell, or pearl to complement the furniture. For light and dark shades of wood, you can choose beige, tan or ivory colors for both paint and decor.

Gorgeous Green

For paint as well as decor accents, green is a wonderful choice to complement wood furniture, particularly wood furniture in red, brown, or blonde hues. Consider pale gray-green for dark finishes and bright olive for honey-colored finishes.

Gray for Stormy Weather

For weathered wood furniture, different shades of gray are the perfect complement. A gray centerpiece on a weathered wood table will really stand out.

Baby Blue

For light to medium walnut colored wood furniture, your best bet is light blue. This is especially complementary for bedrooms where you can you paint the walls either blue or neutral with blue accents in the surrounding decor.

Warm and Cool Colors

If you love color, you can match earthy reds and oranges to the warm tones present in wood furniture. On the other hand, you can achieve high contrast by using blues, greens and cool neutrals to draw out the warm tones of the wood. Yellow can match light colored wood nicely, but won't go as far as contrasting tones in making it pop.

Experiment with different colors to find the perfect pairing. Feel free to bring color swatches into any of our showrooms for comparison.