Comparison Shopping for Furniture

Whether choosing a new sofa, end table or an entire bedroom set, shopping for furniture is exciting. New furniture transforms the look of a room, and the perfect accent piece can complete the style you're going for. However, most of us have a budget to consider when searching for our dream furniture. Financing is an available option, you just need to know the best practices of doing so.

Advice for Financing Furniture

When considering the option to finance furniture, the overall price still matters. Usually, when you choose to finance, you want a high-quality, long-lasting piece, but that doesn't have to mean going for the piece with the highest price tag.

The relationship between price and quality is complicated, since some furniture stores mark up merchandise because they expect buyers to haggle. Off-brands represent a range of quality. Some are indeed "cheap knockoffs" but others are able to offer high-quality furniture at a fraction of the price because they take advantage of an expired patent.

Because of this, focus on the quality of materials used. If you want a sturdy hardwood table, don't settle for a soft wood that's stained to look dark. If you find a comfortable couch, compare the materials used to fill it with those used in industry-leading products.

We offer 12 months of deferred interest payments. That means you will pay no interest if you pay in full before the period expires. Some companies try gain off unwitting customers by making the minimum monthly payments add up to less than the principal amount owed. To avoid this, divide the amount you owe by the number of months in your payment plan, and make that your minimum monthly payment. At Salt Creek, we believe you should enjoy high-quality furniture without breaking the bank.