Custom Entertainment Centers for Game Days and Gaming

Are you more excited for game day or gaming? Whether you're watching Sunday Night Football or vegging out on a Saturday morning with the Xbox, a custom entertainment center is the way to go.

Entertainment Center for Video Games

Gaming is becoming more immersive with every passing day. Tomorrow’s games will have facial recognition technology and the ability to adapt to your emotions. High definition displays and augmented reality are already on the market, but neither of those features can come to life without the technology that supports it. Serious gamers will want to experience Ultra 4K graphics and directional audio, but with that much power at hand, you’ll need a comfortable entertainment suite for all the extra hours you’ll be spending on the latest RPG.

That bulky gaming chair might work in a dark basement, but not so much in your living room. Fortunately, customized entertainment furniture has found better form to follow its function. It’ll keep your cables neatly tucked away, offer enough spaciousness for your next big screen, and keep all your consoles accessible. If you still LAN, you’ll also need enough space for all the friends you intend to frag, so you’ll want a suite that’s disguised as a living room by day. The right furniture will provide space for visitors’ desktops so you can finally murder dragons in style.

Home Theater for Sports Games

If you’re serious about your graphics quality, a theater wall is the way to go. Larger than life projectors function best with a specialized screen. They’ll also provide spectacular movie nights. Alternatively, a 65 – 90“ television with a slim bezel will achieve immersion in rooms that get too much light during the day. Your speakers won’t ruin the look, even if you’re installing 5.1 channel surround sound. Today’s designs are slim, minimalistic, and suave.

The only way to achieve a built-in aesthetic is through customization. No matter the size of your screen or the number of consoles you use, you’ll achieve elegance while making your gaming fantasies come true.