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Dining room table decor dos and don’ts

A great dining room is an undeniable statement to the overall grandiose of any house. This is so since most homeowners focus their interior décor on the living room, the kitchen and perhaps the bedrooms. Anyone who ventures into dining room decoration and does it right deserves a standing ovation. Here are some of the most iconic do’s and don’ts that will help you be among the elect few.

Do Sit Everyone Comfortably

Dining room décor is all about comfort. You want a couple of sits for your family members and extra space for guests. Your decoration efforts will fall in place if your dining area isn’t overcrowded and has space to show off the fancy chairs, table and accessories you use to decorate.

Don’t mix up the theme

Mixing up your chars, the table, the plates and the cutlery will make the room look more confusing. A plain table will do better with plain table chairs and plain plates. A table with curved legs is a perfect setting for a Victorian theme hence your chairs and plates should resonate this.

Do know the difference between mixed theme and bold theme

Sticking to a theme doesn’t necessarily mean that you should stick to one mundane look. Mixing vintage and new furniture in your dining area creates a totally different theme hence giving you the freedom to mix. One old Thonet chair and a couple of modern styled ones could do the trick.

Two dining armchairs at the lead of the table and more subtle chairs could be helpful when you want to create some distinction between the people attending a dinner. This will make your dining space more unique and bolder.

Don’t forget the light

The dining room might not be so demanding when it comes to lighting. However, swapping the single overhead light for something more soothing will definitely make the space interesting. Try some wall lighting to fire up those days you want a cool ambience over a romantic dinner whilst keeping some bright overhead lights for those regular meals.

A great deal of creativity and uniqueness is the key to keeping your dining room both attractive and functional. Knowing the base rules will help keep your creativity in check as you plan, implement and furnish the room to your new taste and preferences.