Frank Lloyd Wright Home for Sale

If you live in St. Louis and are an avid architecture fan with a cool million on hand, the perfect home has become available. Frank Lloyd Wright’s Parklands Lane house, which was originally designed for Dr Paul Olfelt in the 1950s, still has all its original furnishings, making it an incredible opportunity for art history buffs and property investors. The spaciousness of the design is only rivalled by its surroundings, which Lloyd made a point of showing off from the interior.

Role of Furniture in Architectural Design

As the home of Taliesin West, Scottsdale takes pride in our connection to the famous architect. Frank Lloyd Wright once said, “Stretch the limit until your discretion reflects the breaking point.” It’s by stretching the rules that the architect managed to turn tradition on its head. All the trappings of the Prairie style are there, from the open minimalism to the strong vertical lines of the brickwork and furnishings. Elaborate windows invite the landscaping and wildlife preserve vistas indoors.

Every architectural highpoint is incomplete without the perfectly-selected furnishings. Antique chests and Northwestern prints are combined with boldly shaped chairs and tables. The modernist shapes of the interior’s architecture are perfectly echoed by honeycomb oak and bronze.

Home as a Refuge

Frank Lloyd Wright believed that homes should be refuges from the modern world. He managed to combine intimacy and splendour in a way that you might expect from a man who celebrated his family as much as he did his craft. You might not be able to invest in property outside of St. Louis, but you can make your Scottsdale home reflect our architectural heritage. Whether you know what you're looking for or need help picking out pieces that complement your aesthetic, stop by Salt Creek's showroom today. We won't pressure you to buy, but we will provide family-oriented customer service.