Guide to Types of Wood Used in Furniture

Wood furniture adapts to a range of decorative styles, from rustic farmhouse to contemporary neutrals. Some pieces showcase its natural character, while others take advantage of its superior durability. Several different kinds of wood are used to build furniture, each with differing benefits.


Thanks to fast-growing trees and its light weight, pine is a less expensive option. White or light yellow in color, it takes stains and paint well, making it a great option for kids' furniture or low-cost alternatives to darker colored woods. The knottiness adds a rustic feel.


Like pine, maple is affordable and light in color, meaning it can be stained to resemble other types of wood. Unlike pine, it's a hardwood. Maple is great when you have young children or pets, as it is extremely durable. It's a good choice for high-traffic areas and furniture that gets a lot of use, like dressers.


Cherry comes with a natural, rich color which ranges from strawberry blonde to deep auburn. It darkens with age. The grain is tight and thin, and the wood polishes well, so it naturally achieves a sleek and elegant look. Due to limited supply, this is a costlier option; however, its short lifespan makes it more sustainable than other red woods like mahogany.


Oak comes in a variety of natural colors, and it's loved for its distinctive grain. Furniture made with oak typically uses a high gloss finish to emphasize the grain. Stain can complement its natural beauty, but too much results in a two-toned look as the piece ages.

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