Home Furniture Style Trends 2017

Looking to redecorate this year? Take a look at these style trends and be sure to check out Salt Creek's online and in-store collection. Here are some of 2017's top style trends:

Vintage Styles of Furniture

Chairs with old-fashioned turned legs and tabletops that are planked are popping up in a growing number of homes. Most of today's stylish vintage furniture has an eased or distressed finish.

Any piece of wood furniture with a dark finish automatically adds elegance to your home. This furniture also pairs well with distressed pieces and helps you achieve an amazing balance of colors and textures.

It's Easy Being A Green Easy Chair

Bring some color into your home! This year, it's all about green accents. While bright green is the preferred shade for many, you can also incorporate muted shades successfully. Home accent pieces such as vases and even TV stands are rapidly appearing on store shelves in various shades of green.

Nothing But Flowers

It may not be your grandma's furniture anymore, but floral patterns are coming back. To incorporate floral patterns into your decor, accent chairs, sofas and rugs are your best choices. The floral patterns of today can be soft and sweet or bright and bold.

If floral patterns aren't your style, consider velvet upholstery instead for a look of soft elegance.

Something You'll Love For Years to Come

Of course, your personal style informs your decisions more than anything else. Take your time viewing and comparing pieces to achieve the right look for your home.