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How to Arrange Your Living Room for Relaxing and Entertaining

There are different ideas for how to arrange living room furniture, based on what your goal is – do you want to make entertaining easy, focus on relaxation, or create a cozy space centered on conversation? How to arrange living room furniture varies between people and rooms, but there are a few rules to follow that make furniture arrangement a snap.

No matter what your goal is, make sure there is enough space for everyone to move around freely. You should be sure to leave about three feet of room on all sides around the room, so that nobody is hindered by furniture. When you buy quality furniture in Tempe, you want to show it off, but you don’t want people to be tripping over it!

Along a similar line, make sure your couches, chairs, and other quality furniture from a Tempe family-owned furniture store is pulled away from the walls – not every seat needs to be pushed up against a solid surface! By floating furniture away from walls you will create a more inviting atmosphere and keep people closer together, making the best use of your space and promoting camaraderie.

You should pick a focal point to start your arrangement. Place your quality furniture from a Tempe family-owned furniture store so that it directs toward something, whether it’s artwork, a fireplace, a television, or something else you’ve chosen to be the highlight of the room. This helps keep balance in your living room layout.

For both entertaining and relaxing, you’ll want your quality furniture from a Tempe family-owned furniture store set up so that people can access surfaces like tables or consoles. If guests or family members have drinks, snacks, or simply need a place to put down a book or remote, don’t leave them searching – make it easy for everyone to be comfortable.

If you’re struggling over how to arrange living room furniture, simply try a few different layouts based on this advice. You can even use online or virtual programs to try out a few ideas before you commit to moving your furniture around! Once you land on something you like, you’ll feel comfortable and happy with it – you may need to make a few minor tweaks, but stick with the large-scale layout that you love.