How to Care for Wood Furniture

The dry heat in Arizona presents a challenge to keeping wood furniture in good condition. Proper care of your wood furniture will help it last longer and keep it looking great.

Preserving Moisture Level

Wood in its natural state contains moisture. The key is maintaining that moisture. Too much can damage the wood, and not enough can cause it to warp, split or splinter.

  • Keep wood furniture out of direct sunlight.
  • Use felt or cork-bottomed coasters, placemats and potholders underneath dishes to prevent damage from condensation and/or heat.
  • Don’t place wood furniture in non-climate controlled areas, such as outdoors, on a patio or in a sunroom.

Safe Cleaning of Wood Furniture

Wood furniture requires frequent dusting. However, dusting with a dry cloth can scratch up the wood. So can a feather duster if it has broken quills. Use a lightly dampened cloth or a lamb’s wool duster for light dust removal. If you use a spray polish, spray the cleaning cloth instead of spraying the wood directly. This ensures even application.

For heavy cleaning, such as film from cigarette smoke or greasy dirt, use a solution of water and oil soap with a natural sponge.

  • Moisten the sponge and thoroughly wring it out.
  • Lightly stroke the furniture to loosen the soil.
  • Rinse the sponge in clear water to remove the residue.
  • Thoroughly dry the wood with a fresh cleaning cloth.

Setting aside a little time to care for your wood furniture will protect your investment and keep it looking beautiful for years to come.