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How to Make a Room Appear Larger with Furniture Arrangements

Small rooms are a challenge. Everything counts in a small room, and in an attempt to cram too much into a small room, it can end up feeling confined and uncomfortable. However, the right use of color together with smart furniture arranging and lighting can make a small room feel more spacious.

Below are some home decorating tips to inspire a beautiful small room design.

1. Use Light Colors and Good Contrasts

Light bright walls create an open, airy feeling space because they are more reflective and maximize the effect created by natural light.

2. Use Natural Light If Possible

Natural light in a room opens up the interior making it look larger. Use it to the extent possible. If you do not have enough natural light, add some using lighting fixtures. The addition of light in a small room makes a huge difference.

3. Get Rid of Clutter

Keep a small room tidy and organized. A cluttered room equals a smaller-looking room. Create a focal point. One area or feature that draws the eye. In a dining room a beautiful custom made wooden table, in a bedroom a beautiful bed. The focal point is the star in a small room. Arrange furniture to draw focus to your focal point.

4. Use Mirrors

Well placed mirrors make a room look larger. Use your focal point and angle mirrors toward that point to create an illusion of depth. Mirrors reflect both natural and artificial light making a room brighter throughout the day. If the small room has a window, placing a mirror to reflect the outdoors is very effective. Mirror(s) on the wall and glass tabletops give a room an open feel and create a sense of space.

5. Maximize Furniture Placement

To avoid your home furniture from taking up a lot of space use multi-functional furniture, like a custom wooden chest that can double as a coffee table, a sofa bed or a bed with drawers for storage underneath. Use a custom wooden dining table that expands and folding tables and nesting tables that can be tucked away when not in use. Keep large furniture against the walls to maximize open space and create walkways.

Our custom made wood furniture can be designed to be the focal point of a small room and help to create beautiful, open, light space.