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How to Select Classic and Timeless Furniture Pieces

Selecting classic, timeless home furniture requires choosing furniture that flows together within a room. For instance, choosing classic living room furniture requires carefully considering both form and function. When you do this, you’ll have a room you’ll love for years to come.

We suggest that when shopping for home furniture you consider the following:

1.Fluid lines. Movement is timeless, and a classic wing chair, curved sofa or an end table with cascading legs will add fluid energy to a room. Pick classic furniture pieces with clean lines in neutral fabrics.

2.Incorporate Trends in Accent Pieces. A dose of pattern on an armchair or a sofa gives your room a finished, high-end look. But living with a patterned piece of furniture over time may become boring. Instead use trendy accents that can be easily changed.

3.Mirrored finish. Consider using mirrored furniture. Mirrored pieces can bring light, luster and sophistication to any room.

4.Color. There is nothing like color to create visual interest and a truly timeless space. And color is easy to change.

5.Texture. Textured pieces are sometimes trendy but they tend to have more longevity than patterns. Introduce interesting texture with pieces like rugs, ottomans and window treatments if you want a long lasting but still trendy look.

6.Splurging. Budgets are important. But certain quality furniture is worth splurging on. Items like dining room tables, beds, and classic living room furniture offer years of enjoyment. Once again, stick with classic lines and timeless styles when you splurge and avoid the temptation to splurge on super trendy furniture styles.

A key to timeless home furniture is choosing items that make you happy regardless of what is trending right now. Choose furniture that is versatile enough to move from one room to another as well as from home to home. Choose your home furniture well. High quality, versatile home furniture will retain its appeal over time. Choose timelessness over trendiness if you want to live with your furniture for years to come. Most importantly, choose the style of furniture you like and go for it.

Expensive items meant to last, like high quality furniture, should be neutral. Neutral sounds boring but it does not have to be. Introducing color which is easy to change, for example in the form of throw pillows or cushions, makes a room bright and cozy. Changing accents every few years is another way to keep your home fresh and interesting.