Love Your Bed? Make Your Bed

If your home is where your heart is, your house is where your self-definition thrives, according to environmental psychologist, Susan Clayton. You might not be conscious of how influential your surroundings are on your state of mind, but studies show that tidier homes lead to healthier people.

Why the Bedroom?

For most, the bedroom is the most intimate area in the household. It’s where you retreat to recover from your day. It soothes your anxiety and is probably the only space that’s uniquely and entirely your own. If you’re not making your bed, you’re starting your day on a scruffy note that could well affect the tidiness of your mind. The task of fixing your sheets and neatening your space is a ritual that begins your day afresh, helping you to get into a motivated frame of mind that will spill into the rest of your hours.

Living Productively

You need a clear mind and a restful night’s sleep to enjoy a productive day. Since you spend a third of your life in the bedroom, you need an organized space that engenders feelings of restfulness. The chaos of a rumpled, unwieldy bed is not restful. It’s anarchy, and it’ll leak into your mind whether you want it to or not.

An organized space can reduce depression and motivate you to eat better. The Journal of Neuroscience found that clutter overloads the visual cortex, making it hard to focus and process information. A made bed can even help you sleep better. The National Sleep Foundation’s survey found that 75% of people enjoy deeper sleep when their pillows are fluffed and their sheets, changed. Imagine what a gorgeously decorated, newly furnished room can do for your dreams.