Make Memories Around A Perfect Holiday Table

The winter holidays are the perfect time to update your dining room and kitchen. Thanksgiving should be celebrated elegantly, and your holiday feast deserves to be laid out on a sturdy table that will last for years. Your dining table is the focal point of your room, so choose it carefully.

Trend Setting Tables

Comfy, lived-in dining rooms have been on trend for years. Distressed wood, rustic lines, and a rural edge keep your room cosy and casual. You needn’t coordinate your chairs with your table any longer. The décor world has fallen in love with mismatched furnishings that make you feel you’re dining on a country farm. Farmhouse tables are receiving plenty of attention, but if you’re looking for a more timeless look, a trestle table built from lightly-varnished, perfectly finished wood will carry you into the next decade or so.

Kitchen Dining

The kitchens of today are open plan and act as a unified part of your living room. An island style dining table can multitask as a storage area, adding a little charming clutter to your room. If you’ve finally settled on that exquisite copper cookware set you’ve been eying for months, it deserves to be displayed to every guest, and your island is the perfect spot for that.

Charming Chairs

Contemporary chairs lean towards the Fifties, with simple, angular lines and bulky cushions. They’re supremely suited to trestle tables, and they’re classic enough to outlast fickle fads. Decorators are mixing this rustic style with art deco, but if that’s too wild for your tastes, roughed-up wood and copper light fittings won’t be going out of fashion in the near future.

Your dining area is the heart of your home. It connects family and friends and creates a festive atmosphere for many of your most important memories. It deserves a thoughtful investment that doesn't drain your holiday savings.