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Make your small home office look large

It doesn’t matter whether you have a home office or are renting some office space in town. Chances are your workspace will be smaller than you’d like it to be. Here are a couple of organization tricks that will help you make the best off your small home office space.

Go bold

A small space will compel you to keep the design timid. A small space doesn’t necessarily mean that everything should be small. A curved desk that fits into the nooks and crannies will not only maximize on the available space but also create a spacious visual impression.

A good choice of color, throwing in some dedicated lighting will make your space more immersive and engaging hence creating the illusion of more space.

Get some clever organizational shelves

Cluttering your table and the office space will drain the space. A couple of shelves over your computer screen will keep those important notebooks off your desk hence creating the illusion of more space on your desk.

You must ensure that the shelves contribute to the overall look and feel. Everything that goes into your small home office must play both the functional and aesthetical look.

Make areas of interest stick out

Look for a window, a bare brick wall or just a plain surface and work on making it a focal point. Placing your office at places with such structural features in place will always add taste to your office. If you can’t, use some wallpaper or a wall hanging to bring the feeling.

This will add depth to your office and create the welcome illusion of more space.

Don’t ignore the lighting

Setting the light lighting helps you create a mood for the right job. Most people tend to be active and productive when working in bright rooms during the day and less lit areas later in the day. A couple of close to the desk lights will do you more justice than a single bulb hanging on the roof at the middle of the room.

Organizing your home office is a highly involving task. It’s always a wise idea to clear off the space and begin your organization from scratch. Building on what you’ve got and customizing will always be more stressful than working off a clean slate. Combine this with the right furniture and accessory store and you’ll have what it takes to create the ultimate look.