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Mix and match furniture pieces to achieve a modern look in your home

Pulling off a modern and stylish look in your home can be hard. Instead of focusing mainly on matching furniture pieces, some mixing will do the trick. You only need a few tricks and ideas to start mix-matching for a modern arrangement. However, be sure not to do too much mixing. A good look will always have a common ground for all the furniture pieces you choose. Here are some ideas to guide you through.

1. Lighting options

Lighting is an important part in achieving a modern look. Choose one room and try different lighting styles. For instance, having a candle chandelier and freely hanging industrial-style lamps in the same room can be enough to achieve a modern edge. Adding chairs and a table into the room will further help strike the needed lighting balance. Note that rustic wooden floors also work well with overhanging lighting.

2. Add some unexpected mix

While maintaining a simple and cozy design, adding some metal-made furniture in a wood dominated area will drive the point home, literally. Incorporating a natural material like rock for the bathroom floor or a unique plant in the living area is enough to achieve some unexpected twist.

3. Consider scale

When adding new modern furniture pieces, always mind the scale. You would want to maintain the scale of the new pieces to avoid large pieces clustering available space and overshadowing existing small antique chairs and tables.

4. Even distribution

Achieving a modern look does not mean getting rid of your old furniture pieces; it is about striking a balance. Instead of categorizing and organizing vintage pieces to one section of the house and the rest to the other, it is advisable to distribute different styles evenly throughout. Even distribution of furniture styles always appeal the eye.

5. Color

Color is important in mixing and matching furniture pieces for an eclectic and modern look. It greatly helps to choose a consistent color for your pieces. While incorporating a new piece of furniture like a sofa into your space, ensure that its main color matches that of existing traditional armchairs.