New Year, New Furniture 2018

The 2018 decoration style is saturated and yet uncluttered. If there was one word to describe the coming season, it would be “understated.” Subtlety only works if you achieve your look flawlessly, but the rewards will be well worth your efforts.


Monochromatic palettes will detract from clutter, and sleek furniture design will do the rest of the job. Minimalism should be reflected in the lines of your room as well as the judicious use of accessories. A few key pieces are enough to create interest.

Light Fixtures

Sculptural elements will be huge next year, and they’ll be achieved using matte metals and industrial textures. Floor lamps have had their day in the sun, and they’re being booted to the curb for several reasons. They’re not sleek enough for minimalist rooms, and they don’t provide a precise enough lighting layer. Table lamps add to your light palette without adding overt lines to your room.


Stone and camel are in, but Millennial pink and lavender are even more cutting edge. White will be the preferred contrast for such rooms, and texture variations will take the place of graded tones.

Retro Chic

2018 draws plenty of inspiration from the Nineties, with square lines, tweed, and industrial flourishes taking center stage. The industrial aesthetics of the era are more understated than they were last century, as is the cautious use of technology. Save your televisions and sound systems for a single room, and use books and fireplaces to achieve a warmer look elsewhere.

Comfort is, perhaps, the biggest trend for the coming season. Homes are supposed to be lived in, so chaise lounges, throw pillows, and bulky comforters will be all the rage. All in all, tomorrow’s rooms will be restful, so look forward to a serene new season. If you need new furniture for a new look, look no further than Salt Creek Home Furniture.