Quality Wood Furniture: Inexpensive but Not Cheap

You don't have to sell your car to fund your next wooden furniture purchase. You can track down attractive price tags with no regrets, as long as you know how to assess furniture quality.

From Birch to Bedroom

Wood source is arguably the most important determinant of quality. Soft pine will fall apart no matter how well it’s put together. That said, if soft redwood and cedar are well cared for, they might be more lasting. Hard, deciduous trees like oak, birch, and mahogany are solid, with excellent longevity and scratch resistance. Look out for quality wood furnishings that are partially finished with chipboard. You can use the hardiest wood on the planet, but those low quality backings will swell and erode in no time.


If a piece is beautifully finished with solid joints and corner blocks, you can usually trust the artisans who created it. Avoid staples, poorly hidden glue, and careless sanding. Screws, dust panels, and smooth drawer glides are all indications of a high quality piece. Wood should be stabilized laterally and vertically. If it wobbles or squeaks, its lack of stability will make it lose its shape and put too much pressure on the joints.

Surface Quality

A carpenter who takes pride in his work will sand, stain, and finish the surface in a way that accentuates the grain. Sealants and lacquer will bring out the piece’s beauty and protect it from harsh elements.


Price isn't a reliable indicator of quality any longer. Today’s furniture retailers often put hefty prices on particleboard pieces. Those who value their skill and artistry are frequently independent, which can lead to a more economical price despite superior quality. They don’t need to mark their pieces up to cover absurd store rentals, and they work with wood for the love of it.

Salt Creek Home Furniture's prices stem from a smart business model which allows us to deliver quality furniture at wholesale prices. Visit one of our showrooms or check out our online catalog to see what we offer.