Reasons to Finance Furniture

Furniture financing allows you to enjoy your purchase while you’re paying for it. Financing furniture may also allow you to afford higher quality, longer-lasting furniture than you might get if you had to pay cash up front.

Why Charging Your New Furniture Makes Sense

Charging items like food doesn't make sense, because you're often stuck paying interest long after you've forgotten how good that meal tasted. Sure, you deserve a treat now and then, but charging meals on a regular basis is a bad idea. In contrast, buying furniture on credit can make perfect sense for many reasons:

  • Zero interest: The furniture store may offer deals that regular credit cards don't. For instance, you may get a year free of interest, which makes paying off your furniture that much easier. In fact, if you pay within the interest-free period, you can avoid paying any interest at all. Just be sure to read the fine print and understand the details.
  • Enjoy while you pay: Why sit on the floor while you save up for a couch? With financing options, you can use your furniture with your family, entertain friends and live life while you pay.
  • Painless payments: Paying for furniture over time usually means affordable payments that won't make you to give up other things that are important in your budget.
  • You'll own it: When you're done paying, you own something of value. The furniture is yours and you can continue enjoying it for years to come.

In short, financing furniture gives you options. That's why Salt Creek Home offers financing for factory direct, quality furniture in Scottsdale, Tempe and Arrowhead. Contact us today!