Reupholstering Furniture

If you are thinking of buying upholstered furniture, you'll want pieces with a quality, long-lasting frame. You might want to choose a timeless color or pattern, or you might fall in love with a unique fabric. When the time comes to redecorate, you might not be ready to replace your furniture.

We can help with the replacement, but adventurous types might try reupholstering. Reupholstering cushions is a reasonably simple task, provided you look at it like a puzzle as well as a creative project.


To start, unzip the cushions you have and turn the existing cover inside out to expose the seams. Rip the seams carefully. You want to keep everything intact for your reference. Make a basic diagram if there is more than one piece, so you can remember how everything goes together.


Carefully iron the fabric, in order to smooth out any wrinkles and ensure that each piece will be accurate for measuring. Then measure each piece, being sure to accommodate for length and width, as well as noting anywhere that has stretched beyond a reasonable amount. Note the measurements. It is also useful to note if there are seams on the front of the cushions, instead of merely on the sides and possibly the back.

Pattern and Fabric Choice

At this point, you will want to choose your fabric based on the new look you are going for. It's recommended to select a fabric that has roughly the same amount of stretch as the original. Once you have the fabric you want, mark it attentively based on your diagram and cut along the marks with a sharp pair of scissors. As always, measure twice and cut once.


At this point, begin sewing together your piece or pieces according to the diagram you drew from the original cover. Remember to add one quarter inch for the new zipper, and to sew the main body of the new cover inside-out prior to the zipper's installation. If your sizing was conservative and the new cover is loose, cut a small amount of foam to fill in the gap.

Of course, you may want a professional to restore leather upholstery instead of replacing it. At Salt Creek, we select only quality furniture for our customers. We believe we have something for everyone, all at affordable prices.