Sizing Furniture to Fit Your Space

When it comes time to furnish a room, size matters. You'll need to know the square footage, as well as the ceiling height, window heights, and if there are any focal points, such as a fireplace. You should also determine what the room will be used for and where the traffic will flow. Consider all these factors so your finished room ends up visually appealing and functional. With good planning, even small spaces achieve comfort and style.

Sketch it Out

After measuring your room, draw a small scale of the room on a blank piece of paper. This will help you get a visual idea of the room and where you can place furniture. This way when you're shopping for furniture and fall in love with that white couch you always wanted, you'll be able to measure it and see if it fits in the grand design without obstructing windows, for example.

Grouping Furniture

When it comes to visual appeal and functionality, furniture groupings should complement one another. For example, when furnishing a formal living room, all the seating should be the same height to evoke some truly wonderful conversation.

Accessories Come Last

No matter how tempted you might be, hold off on buying that centerpiece until you've picked out the table. It is always wise to first decide on your main pieces of furniture - a bed, a couch, a dining room table - before you start to decorate with accessories.

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