Southwestern Style Starts with Furniture

If your idea of Southwestern décor is still rooted in the teal and pink motifs of the 90s’, you’re missing out on mountains of inspiration. Keep it chic in neutral tones and rich materials, and you’ll create a sense of warmth that’s as stylish as it is iconic. The keys to this aesthetic are subtlety and quality.

Pastel hues are only one part of the equation. Additionally, you should build the room around the organic materials used on your furnishings. Think corroded leather, distressed wood, and organic, natural weaves. Woven rugs and baskets complement large pieces of furniture when placed strategically around the room.

How to Get the Bolder Look Right

The Modern Southwest style contains endless possibilities. A flawless palette and the right potted plants keep the design tasteful. Add a splash of white linen and wood, and the effect is exquisitely complete.

There’s no need to be a purist. You might gravitate toward indigenous art, or you might be enamored of the cowboy look. You might want to celebrate Mexican heritage with colorful decor, or you might prefer modern muted tones. Most people mix elements to create a southwest theme. Truthfully, even a Persian rug can look at home in a Southwestern room if it’s distressed and fits your color scheme. As long as your furniture is tasteful and rustic, the rest of your room will easily fit in.

Whether you're going for kitsch or sophistication, rustic or elegant, the right furniture is the first step in achieving your desired look. Check out our leather and wood collections to see what we have to offer.