Space-Saving Furniture Solutions

Tight on space but big on design ideas? Not to worry, you may be surprised as to just how many incredibly functional pieces of furniture are available with both design aesthetic and space-saving potential. Here are a few of the best space-saving furniture solutions around.

Combine Furniture and Storage

You need furniture, but you also need storage space. If you're looking for a hallway bench, consider one with storage under the bench seat. Look for bed frames with pull-out drawers or ottomans with a removable lid. No matter the kind of furniture you're looking for, by combining both storage and furniture together, you'll instantly save on space.

Look for Space-Saving Design

Some pieces of furniture have extended features, like an elaborate arm rest or a back that curves, taking up more space in the rear. These extended features may offer some visual appeal, but they also take up valuable space. Instead, look for convertible and modular designs.

Wall Space

Taking advantage of furniture attachments on the wall is necessary when working with a small amount of space. Shelving installed directly onto the wall declutters the floor while still providing you with necessary storage space. Fold-out solutions aren't just for ironing boards anymore: you can now attach folding beds, desks and tables to the wall.

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