The Ultimate Furniture Cleaning Guide

Your furniture deserves careful maintenance because dust and dirt don't just create stains. They break down natural fibers, too. Sunlight is even more corrosive. Your cleaning routine is more than superficial. It keeps your interior surfaces looking brand new.


Remind your family members and guests to use coasters. For parties, a stylish or decorative tablecloth might do better to protect your wood furniture. Prevent sun damage with a UV blocking polish and remove scrapes with steel wool.

Old polish can make wood dull, so remove it with turpentine before reapplying polish. Water rings can be removed with non-gel toothpaste and baking soda.


Leather needs to retain its flexibility and moisture, so stay away from abrasive cleaning products. Use a leather dressing after brushing it down with a damp cloth. Dirt is highly abrasive to leather, as are ordinary soaps and detergents. Suede’s patina can be restored by rubbing it down with a dry towel.


Position your upholstery away from direct sunlight or use a window film that keeps harmful rays out. Scotchguard protects against spills, giving you extra time to wipe stains away.

Upholstery should be vacuumed weekly and cleaned with vinegar. A soft brush and foam cleaner can be used to spot clean, but avoid too much dampness because water can leave its own stain.

Television Screens and Entertainment Systems

Today’s screens need delicate care, so stay away from corrosive agents. If you’re not dealing with oily stains, water is best. Fingerprints should be cleaned with a detergent expressly designed for monitors. Even the softest cloth can corrode, so stick to microfiber.

Your furniture should last for years, but poor cleaning techniques can cut down on its lifespan considerably. As always, prevention is the best approach. This holiday season, bring out the table runners, potholders, and coasters before serving your friends and family members.